War horse Flyer


War Horse

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Emilie and her grandfather

This setting is based on when emilie had first got joey and topthorn and she started to teach them skills on things they didn't know how to do, she spent alot of time working with them to build up the skills the horses needed, but then little emilie wanted to ride joey and ended up running into some soldier's out in the field and they were trying to take joey away because they needed him to fight in the war


This conflict was a man vs. society. and it was between two different sides of soilder's

Between the British and Germans

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Favorite Character

My Favorite character was joey , joey was my best character because he was such a fighter throughout the whole story, that was involved in the war with soldier's who were at war together through all the conflict that took place within the war.
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This story end from joey as the only horse that actually survived in the world war One battle field between the British and German soldier's. This shows me that this horse was an hero and an life saver in this story.