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July 21, 2021

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Dear Penngrove Families,

Thank you so much for your patience this week as we finalize all the details for a strong start to the year! Hopefully you all received the ParentSquare message last Friday from the District which included a short video with some safety updates such as changes to our previous mask guidelines. If you missed it, the video is linked below for your viewing pleasure.

PLEASE NOTE: Our 1st day of school (tomorrow) will follow the Wednesday schedule as we ease back into things. If you need a reminder of our bell schedule, click here. Tomorrow follows a Wednesday schedule and Friday is a regular day.

Keep asking great questions so we can keep the answers flowing! See you on Thursday!

~Mrs. Fadeji

P.S. Keep an eye on ParentSquare as we still have lots to share!

Welcome to 2021-22 Penngrove and Mary Collins at Cherry Valley Families!

Welcome to 2021-22 Penngrove and Mary Collins at Cherry Valley!

We know you've got questions and here are some answers:

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As we bring students back to safe, full-time, in-person instruction, we need to balance with it the safety concerns of COVID-19. One important State requirement at this time is that all students and staff must continue to wear masks while indoors. Research shows that masks work and will reduce the transmission of this virus.

Furthermore, if students are masked and there is an exposure, it reduces the need to have to have students quarantine at home. With all this said, students will be given outdoor mask breaks throughout the day whenever safe to do so.

What Else Will You Be Doing?

Above and beyond masking, we will continue to do the things that we know work:
  • Students and staff will continue to wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer.
  • Whenever possible, larger events will take place outdoors.
  • Whenever possible, we will encourage physical distancing.
  • We will continue to run our high-quality air filtration systems throughout the day, including the use of air scrubbers in every classroom.

WEEK OF WELCOME! July 26 - 30

This year, we're thrilled to bring back a Week of Welcome for our #pennpanthers. This is a chance for our teachers to guide students as they create their own special learning community. With help from every member of #TeamPenn, we'll spend the week focusing on friendships, learning expectations around campus, and having a TON of fun!

We'd hate to leave you all out of WOW week so...

In an effort to help families reconnect with our campus and strengthen our community, PTA and Class of 2022 have teamed up to create some exciting experiences for your family throughout the week. More to come!

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What Will Arrival Look Like?


Just like we did during hybrid, when students arrive to campus they will head straight to their classrooms to begin their day. Students should get out of their cars in masks so school staff can ensure they have a mask or give them one if needed (we have plenty). There is hand sanitizer at the top of the rainbow stairs for anyone who wants it but students will also wash their hands as they enter classrooms.

Can I walk my student to class? The short answer is yes. However, we do want to be transparent with you and let you know that it worked really well in the spring to have the teacher at the door, greeting students, checking masks, reminding students to put backpacks away, wash hands, and get started on some fun morning activities. Our focus was on students, and it rocked! While we love love love our parent community, it can be hard for our teaching staff to connect with each child when hundreds of adults are mingling around. So here's what we are asking:

  • Encourage independence! If your child is able and willing to walk to class alone, please say your goodbyes in the parking lot and send your child up the rainbow stairs.
  • If your child prefers a bit of transition time before they become independent, that's absolutely fine. You may escort your child to class. Please remember this is not a time to conference or even visit casually with your child's teacher. Our focus is on making connections with kids as they walk through the door. If you have something to share with your child's teacher, please send them a message via ParentSquare.
  • If you do walk your child to class, find a special spot a little bit away from the classroom to say goodbye so you're not in the way of other students arriving.
  • As soon as you've said your goodbyes, exit campus immediately. Our hallways are for moving traffic only. Missing your other #pennparent friends?! Go on a walk or meet up downtown for coffee outside. We absolutely understand it's been a while since many of you have seen each other. In the morning, school is simply not the place to reconnect. Good news! Our PTA is planning many events for community building and reconnecting. Join us during July 26-30 for our Week of Welcome! Join the #PennPTA today!

Arrival Times

TK/K: Arrive to the classroom between 7:55am and 8:05am

Your child is tardy if he/she walks in the door after 8:05am

Have a sibling in 1st - 6th? Aim to arrive at classroom doors at 8am.

1st - 6th: Arrive to the classroom between 8:00am and 8:20am

Your child is tardy if he/she walks in the door after 8:20am

PLEASE NOTE: TK/K families will be present until 8:05am so for smoother parking lot traffic, you may want to wait until after 8:05am to enter the parking lot.

What Will Dismissal Look Like?

Students will be dismissed to the main family parking lot after school. Please use the pick up lane to collect your student(s) or park and wait at the crosswalk.

Parents are not permitted on campus at the end of the school day.

The parking lot will be chaotic especially in the first few days. Please demonstrate kindness, patience, and give others and yourself plenty of grace.

Dismissal Times:

TK/K: Students leave their classrooms to walk to the parking lot at 11:35am on Wednesdays and 1:40pm on M, T, Th, F. Your child's carseat should be on the passenger side of the car. Please work with your child on buckling up quickly and independently. Parents who use the drop off/pick up lane must remain in their cars. If you have a difficult carseat or a child who takes a while to buckle up, please park and wait at the crosswalk so we can keep our traffic flow moving. Thank you!

1st - 3rd: Dismissal is at 12:50pm on Wednesdays and 2:45pm on M, T, Th, F.

Please be on time as 4th - 6th grade families will show up beginning at 3pm.

4th - 6th: Dismissal is at 1pm on Wednesdays and 2:55pm on M, T, Th, F.

Please DO NOT enter the parking lot BEFORE 1:05pm on Wednesdays and 3pm on M, T, Th, F. We need to get our younger students off campus in order to make room for you all! When you're in the parking lot too early, it creates a traffic jam. Thank you!

More details coming soon...

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Our morning recess time is back! 1st - 6th grade students will enjoy a 20-25 minute time in the morning for snack and recess. As usual, our morning recess will be broken into two groups. 1st - 3rd grade will be together and 4th - 6th grade will be together.

Please send a healthy snack with your child daily. Students will be able to play with friends from other classes, share recess equipment, etc. Masks are optional during recess but students will need to have their mask with them at all times in the event they need to use the restroom and for their return to class. Please show your child how to wear his/her mask under the chin or keep it on the arm/elbow for use. Thank you!

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Essential volunteers will be a critical part of our program this year. Your child's teacher will share more about the types of volunteer opportunities available and PTA will also have opportunities throughout the year. Volunteers will be required to sign in at the office and wear a mask at all times while indoors. Keep and eye out for more!
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Although we are absolutely going to be spreading out more while eating, lunch is back! 1st & 2nd graders will eat under the shade structure while the 3rd graders get to enjoy the amphitheater. 4th & 5th graders will also eat under the shade structure while 6th grade gets to enjoy the amphitheater. Hot lunch is also available. The menu can be found below. More info on food services will be forthcoming!
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Celebrate the 1st Day of School! Class of 2022 Fundraiser!

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