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Teacher Inservice November, 12 2013

Internet Resources (I bet you didn't know about!)

Oh, how Pinteresting!: Pinterest has launched an effort to support a community of creative, inspiring and hard-working people who make a difference to millions of kids everyday- teachers! You can find everything from lesson plans for different grades, to classroom decorating ideas, to just about any classroom management strategy you could think of! Here is a link to my personal Pinterest account:

SchoolTube: The best videos from students and teachers everywhere! Here is a great video on Bully Prevention.

Adapted Math: A revolution in education that will improve the way your child learns math. This site allows for adaptive learning by focusing on specific areas that need work. This site is easy to navigate and you can even search by grade level!

Box of Chocolates: This is one of my favorite blogs. The author is from Brazil and as you can tell from her posts, is very passionate about what she does by making a difference in her students' lives. If you ever need a little inspiration after a long day with your kiddos, this is the place to go!

Cool Tools for Schools: This site is filled with just about any kind of online tool you could dream of. From presentation tools, to collaborative tools, to quiz and test tools, explore this site but beware, you'll be hooked in no time!

Edudemic: This site is about connecting education and technology. This article is especially important for educators because our students are coming from a different generation than what we came from. They are part of "Generation C" otherwise known as "The Connected Society".

Edutopia: K-12 education & learning innovations with proven strategies that work. These blogs, videos, articles, and more are definitely worth taking a look at!

EDpuzzle: Find a video and make it your own! EDpuzzle allows you to make videos unique by cropping, adding your own voice, and embedding quizzes throughout. Here is a link to watch a short video by the brilliant founder in Barcelona, Spain:

TED Talks about Education: A.K.A "ideas worth spreading". TED Talks explore the latest thinking- from teachers, parents, and kids- all on how to build a better school. "How do we re-invent education?" Below is a link to one of my favorite and inspirational TED videos:

Surf Net Kids: Surf Net Kids is an awesome site filled with educational (but fun!) games, writing prompt ideas, crafts and much more! This site also has videos ranging from How to Tie Friendship Bracelets to a short video explaining the basis of DNA.

YouTube (Education): I don't think this kid knows how brilliant he is! The problems with education- from a fifth grader's point of view: Dalton Sherman's Keynote Speech

Web2.0/21st Century Tools: This site is filled with hundreds of different tools from audio, to digital storytelling, to video/screencasting. Wanna teach through social networking? Check this site out!

Teaching Channel: Need a little inspiration? Check out these awesome videos from teachers just like you!

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