South Carolina

Chains with "Locke"s

John Who?

Later to be known for his political philosophies: John Locke was the original secretary for the colony of South Carolina. He drafted the Fundamental Constitutions at the start of the colony along side Anthony Ashley Cooper.

Labor Force

I got to South Carolina and couldn't believe how ready and available cash was. No there weren't money trees growing, but it sure did seem like it. Tobacco was in high demand and South Carolina provided a great land to grow. Soon our crops outgrew us as workers, so we had to bring in help. Slaves were being brought into the Charleston harbor and sold at very low prices. These men and women were great additions to the running and work of the farm, and the return for how little they cost was incredible. There wasn't a neighbor around who didn't have slaves, in fact, you were doomed if you didn't. We even got war slaves from the Westos which made slaves of all kinds some of the best resources in the state.
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Source: "Of the People"