vote for columbian exchange or not

by;Damon whitehat

What was the columbian exchange

The columbian exchange was when columbas sailed to the Americas and brought food and animals from the old world the the new world

positive results

That columbas brought back potatos from the new world to the old world to feed the poor.Brought food and animals to the old world and the natives used it as a safer way to hunt.And everone could start a new life in the Americas.

negitive results

That when columbas can he brought disease like small pox to the new world it effected the natives.The potatos that the poor where eating died out and the poor that depended on the potato now died.

I vote against the columbian exchange

You should vote against the columbian exchange because when columbas came to the Americas he brought the disease`s to the native Americans.Also because of that some of the native americans died of this disease.