Board of Education

Waupun Area School District - March 2016

March 21st Board Meeting

High School Courses & Curriculum

Two new courses at the high school were approved for the coming school year. One course, Warrior Fabrication, will serve as a capstone class for the STEAMM academy where students will apply their knowledge and career-ready skills by running a business centered around manufacturing. Business partnerships with local factories have set the stage for this to occur.

A new college prep class meant to prepare students for post-secondary success was approved as well. This class will teach students how to excel in being skillful, thoughtful, inquisitive learners. The class will meet during the intervention block. The goal is to provide support for those students who may be the first in their family to choose to attend college.

The math department at the high school will be evaluating materials to support Geometry and Algebra II. Cody Mueller mentioned to the Board last night that this adoption was necessary due to the fact that our copyrights (2005) precede the Common Core adoption.

YRBS—Youth Risk Behavior Survey

Wendi Dawson presented the results of the YRBS survey. This survey is taken by students in grades 6-12. The survey examines behaviors that contribute to injuries, violence, alcohol/drug use, sexual activity, dietary behaviors, and physical activity. Wendi has been working with the student services team to develop an action plan to address concerns based on the data we are seeing. If you would like to know more about the results of the survey or the action plan, please contact your school counselor or Wendi.

Closing the Gaps

Wendi Dawson also presented the results of the winter Maps tests in literacy as it pertains to ELL and EEN students at Rock River Intermediate. The data shows that we are closing the gaps here and that the intervention blocks are working. All staff has been looking closely at data and problem-solving in the TAPS meetings to address academic needs. A special shout out goes to the 3rd grade team and Kelly Gilbert who’s data shows that our EEN kids were only 3.6 points behind the National Mean in winter. Students identified as EEN grew on average 12 points from fall to winter at RRI. Now that’s closing the gap!


The District has decided not to continue with the AdvancEd accreditation process. We will instead start working with Studer Education on our continuous improvement plan. Our strategic plan expired last year, so we will begin working on a new strategic plan in April. We actually lived through our last plan and are looking forward to this new partnership which will allow us to measure our success more adequately.

Budget Update

We are now only $320,000 in the red instead of $582,000 that we predicted last summer. Why? The Board made a commitment to not cut staff and programs this school year. We cannot expect to improve achievement unless there is a commitment to what we are doing educationally in this District, and we are seeing those positive results! So don’t get mad if your principal says no to any budget requests for the rest of this year—we are tightening our wallets in order to get that deficit number as close to zero by June 30th as possible!

Activity Account Audits

We are actually adhering to our policy on activity accounts. If you are in charge of one of these accounts, please be very familiar with this language because there won’t be any exceptions. Enough said.

School Board Spring Elections APRIL 5th

Current 2016 School Board Election Registered Candidates:

Town of Alto and Trenton - Bill Bruins

City of Waupun - Glen Wilson

Towns of Burnett, Chester, Oakfield, Springvale, and Waupun - No Candidates

Election Day is April 5, 2016

Please contact Christine Tschumperlin, at 920.324.9341, ext. 2103, if you have any election questions.

Upcoming Board Meetings:

FAC Meeting: April 4 & 11 at 6 p.m. RRI Library

Board Reorganization Meeting: April 25, 6 p.m.

Regular Business Meeting: April 25, 7 p.m.

Watch the website for updates!

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Bill Bruins, President

Member: Personnel/Finance Committee

Roger Schregardus, Vice-President

Chairman: Long Range Planning Committee

Ron Paul, Treasurer

Chairman: Personnel/Finance Committee

Kathy Schlieve, Clerk

Chairman: Communication Committee

Glen Wilson, Member

Member: Personnel/Finance Committee

Jennie Patrykus, Member

Member: Communications Committee

Dylan Weber, Member

Member: Long Range Planning Committee