Turkeys in Disguise

Please complete the activities below

Step 1: Turkey Stories!

Listen to the book, Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano, illustrated by Lee Harper


Run, Turkey, Run by Diane Mayr, illustrated by Laura Irrgang.
Turkey Trouble
Run Turkey Run, a Thanksgiving story for kids

Step 2: Disguise a Turkey!

The turkeys are trying to hide for Thanksgiving! They do not want to be this year's dinner. Help to disguise your turkey so it does not become a meal!

Below are ideas on how you can disguise your turkey,

Printable Turkeys

Choose one of the turkeys below to disguise.

Please click here to print your turkeys,
Turkey 1
Turkey 2
Turkey 3
Turkey 4

Step 3: Turkey speech bubbles!

Print the turkey you want to disguise above.
Print the speech bubble below.
Write in the speech bubble to complete the sentence that describes how you disguised your turkey.

Attach the speech bubble to your picture after you have completed your turkey's disguise.

Big image

Step 4: Post in the forum

Post your turkey and speech bubble in the forum.