Nonfiction Text Features

Nonfiction features

Text Features

There are different types of fonts like bold, italics ,and underlined are some examples of fonts for nonfiction. Bold words show that the word is important. Italicized words are words that are slanted. And underlined words are words that you might not know the definition to. There are also text structures like captions, captions are close to pictures and describes what the picture is trying to show. The table of contents shows what topic the page is about. Maps might show where and when something happened to the area the book is talking about. A glossary shows words you might not know and tells you what it is. A chart might tell you information about something like how many people immigrated from 1 place to another. Bullets give you information about the text but are not sentences. Pictures might tell you a place the book is talking about. And highlighted text might show important information. You can find subtitles, titles, headings, diagrams, labels, and an index.