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Fall 2022 Issue IX


With all the obligations, pressures, and challenges that parents/guardians have, it is easy to lose sight of what matters. Remember that your student is learning how to be an adult from you. Therefore, as we get closer to the end of the Fall season we want to take a moment to challenge you to try to incorporate the practice of gratitude with your family.
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Grade Level Updates

9th Grade

We are meeting many of our freshmen and starting to recognize many of their names and faces! It is great to see them feel like this is their home. We are currently meeting with our 9th graders to discuss grade-level benchmarks. In addition, we are reviewing student grades in each class and the areas of growth to focus on as well as an action plan. We have also had several parent and teacher conferences to support students. Along these lines, we are excited to announce that we have four classes we are running to support some of our freshmen that are needing academic support. We are inspired by our students who our using these opportunities to grow and grateful for the staff that is making a difference for our students!

10th Grade

We enjoyed meeting with all of our students through History classes to discuss their graduation and A-G status. Parents/Guardians should have received a copy mailed home, as well as an email with all of this information. We are currently meeting with students who received 4 or more fails on their 12-week report cards and having parent conferences as needed. With only 5 weeks of the semester left, it is important that our students take advantage of Tutoring in the Blue & Gold Center and communicate with teachers regarding missing assignments. We encourage our parents to attend the FOCUS parent/caregiver workshops offered by our PSWs as well as monitor your student’s progress through Aeries.

11th Grade

We have completed Graduation and A-G Status Checks with all students. They have been e-mailed and mailed home for students and parents to review. Please reach out to your Counselor if you have any questions/concerns. We have an open-door policy at lunch. That is the best time for students to come and see us. Further, the 2nd report card was mailed home last week. Now is the time to make sure you are attending tutoring before and/or after school. Reach out to your teachers to see what you can do to bring up your grades. Check Aeries regularly to make sure you have completed all your missing assignments! Also, get in the habit of checking your email daily so you don’t miss out on upcoming events and opportunities! In addition, Attendance is Key!! Please make sure you are attending all classes every day! You got this Class of 2024!! We are always here to support you. Sincerely, Ms. Gazarian, Dr. Harwin, and Ms. Mutia.

12th Grade

Hello, Seniors; by now, you should have received a letter at home indicating your student's graduation status. Please expect to meet with your counselor individually if you are not passing classes and need additional support. Remember were getting close to the finish line but were not there yet. Next, if you are requesting a recommendation letter, please be mindful of the time this takes; therefore, we are asking all seniors to ask their counselor with a minimum of 2 weeks' anticipation for a recommendation letter. Please note students' brag sheets must be complete to write on their behalf. Last, senior counselors remain in the counseling office during lunch for students to drop by or walk in. Lunch is a fantastic opportunity to address questions or concerns. Keep up the great work! -Mrs. Gazarian, Ms. Galvez, and Ms. Scherrer

Aeries - why is it important?

Aeries is the MOST important tool that our families have access to. The Aeries Parent Portal is a secure website that allows parents/guardians to have "real-time" access to view their students' data including:

  • Attendance
  • Class Schedule
  • Current Class Progress
  • Grades
  • Graduation Status
  • Transcripts

If you need help enrolling in Aeries or using it please stop by the parent center they are fabulous and will walk you through it.

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How to Sign up for Aeries Parent Portal

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Reporting an absence

Please visit our website to learn how to report an absence.

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