ISIS: What is it?

The Islamic State in Iraq and Levant

My Big Question: What is ISIS?


My big question was 'What is ISIS?' I found that ISIS is a terrorist group that is taking over a large portion of Syria and Iraq. This terrorist group is making upto 3 million a day from the oil fields. They are also selling the things from the villages they rade.

My other questions

What does ISIS stand for: ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria

Are there other groups like ISIS: yes and the government has recognized this.

How does ISIS make money: they make money from the oil, ransom, robbing banks, crops, and selling things on the black market.

Has ISIS hacked into anything: yes they have, they hacked into some socia media accounts.

Is ISIS in the United States: yes they are in 15 states five of those are Virginia, Illinois, California, and Michigan.

Should we go to war with ISIS: all the articles were propaganda but in my oppinion we should not.