Where Is Middle-Earth?



Switzerland has many beautiful mountains and lakes. Switzerland has four national languages: Romansh, Italian, German, and French. Switzerland is very diverse, and has very many different cultures.


Switzerland is a lot like Middle-Earth. For example, Switzerland has many "misty mountains cold" as said by the dwarves while they were singing about their perilous adventure. Also, Switzerland has many cultures, just as Middle-Earth has goblins, elves, dwarves, and hobbits.

Counter Claim

Can Switzerland Really Be Middle-Earth?

Now, a lot of places have mountains and lakes, but most of those places don't look like Middle-Earth. In Switzerland, the Matterhorn has that MIddle-Earth feel, and there are not very many lonely mountains, they're mostly in mountain ranges. And how many lonely mountains are right next to a lake? And also, how many countries besides Switzerland have houses underneath hills? This is why I think Switzerland is the best representation of Middle-Earth.