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No more carrying kids on and off buses

Please make sure that if a child is on the lift bus, that you use their cart or our stroller to get them on and off of the bus. If you are carrying a student on or off the bus that is not on a lift bus, please make Jeanie aware out at the bus doors, so we can work through that. Sleeping children are often carried off of the bus, if this occurs, please make sure to have a spotter for you, our liability is very high when carrying students on and off of the bus.


New Texting/Personal Account information to share

I had previously told you that we were being told not to use personal devices to communicate with families. I asked for some clarification, because a hard "NO", seemed like a hard thing to live with.

I spoke to Dr Gates, she states that there is not Board Policy on this, but as always staff should realize that anytime they use personal accounts to communicate with families; you open yourself up to liability and those accounts/devices can be subpoenaed. I ask you to use professional judgement when using personal email, social media and phones to text.

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  • Purchasing Cards:

  • Please turn in your District credit card to Lori by 1/3/18.

  • Staff Absence: If you secure a Para sub through the District, please include the sub’s name in your email to the office.

  • Mail procedure instructions and mail supplies are in the File Room. Please remember to place KC Presort slip on mail and secure with a rubber band.

  • Please notify the office if a Title student is now eligible to receive Special Education services. Please place the Title cumulative file in the brown file.

  • Regarding time off requests, classified staff will still need to request the entire time off. If they request 4 hours and they return after 4 hours plus some, they will need to modify this time off request or work the extra time before the end of the week.


January Emergency Response Drill

Upcoming Events:

1/2 No School - Teacher Workday

1/2 8:00 Staff Meeting - Certified

1 /5 8:30 SBT Meeting

1/5 3:00 Para Meeting

1/11 9:30-10:30 Miller Park Service Day

1/19 8:30 Collab Meeting

2/2 8:30 SBT Meeting

2/2 10:00 Staff Meeting - Para

2/15 Playdough with Parents

2/16 Early Release Day

2/16 8:00 Staff Meeting - Certified