Immigrant Survival Guide


Name: Lotte Bakker

Country of Origin: Netherlands

Personal Background: 13, Unmarried, Orphaned at birth, Parents couldn't support a child

Reasons for Leaving: Freedom to want, She wants a better life for herself as a orphan, better places to live.

Voyage Experience

You should stay away from other people so you don't get sick. If it doesn't look fit to eat don't eat it. You will be put in a huge room in the hull of the ship. Go into a corner filled with cargo go inside and have sort of a wall so nobody should bother you.

How to Prepare

Take a shower and exercise every day. Walk and Run. You will need the extra exercise.

Ellis Island

Friday, May 8th, 9am

Ellis Island, Jersey City, NJ, United States

Here you will have 8 steps to pass.

1. Getting to America, do not even come if you are sick


3. The Great Hall, Just the registry room, you may have to wait some time

4. Legal Inspection, Tell the truth and you will be fine

5.Medical Inspection, You will be medically inspected

6. Detainees, if something is not right you will get put here until they decide to send you back or let you in

7. Then you go to the stairs of Separation, You just walk up them

8. You Pass and go to America

Packing List

Bring a Trunk, It should include

All your Money

3 Shorts

3 Short Sleeve Shirts

1 Pair of long Pants and a Shirt

Most of your underwear

Socks and Shoes