Operation Ornaments

By: Savni and Medleigh

Our story problem:

The Johnson family's Christmas tree had lots of ornaments. The mom, Jenny put 11 ornaments on the Christmas tree. The dad , Joe put twice as many as his wife. Their daughter , Nicky put 5 less than her dad. Their son Nick had 3 more than his sister. How many ornaments are on the Johnson's family Christmas tree?


11 + ( 11x2 ) + ( 11 x 2 - 5) + ( 11 x 2 - 5 +3) = x ornaments

Our 2 strategies

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We will show you how to solve this problem. Since the mom put 11 and the dad put twice as many as the mom, we would do 11 x 2 which is 22. So the dad put 22 ornaments. The daughter put 5 less than her dad , so we would do 22 - 5. So the daughter has 17 ornaments. The son put 3 less than his sister. Since his sister put 17 we would do 17 + 3. So the son put 20 ornaments. Now since you know how many ornaments each person put on the Christmas tree. Now all you need to do is add the answer to all the equations together and BAM you have the answer.
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