Soaring SkyHawks Boooooosletter

Oct 2021

3 things you need to know in this newsletter

1. Halloween Parade Information

2. Costume Guidelines

3. Parent Teacher Conference dates and sign ups

There is also an upcoming events calendar, information about weather changes, and district testing.

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Halloween Parade and Celebrations

Weather permitting, we will be hosting our Parent Parade on Thursday, October 28th at 9 am. All parents will be expected to stay outdoors during the parade. We will be sending out the parade map later this month.

If we deem that the weather is not conducive to an outside parade, the parent parade will be canceled.

Classroom Celebrations will be determined by the classroom teacher.

October 28 is an early out day and students will not attend school on October 29th.

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Halloween Costumes Guidelines - please review

As you prepare for Halloween, please know the following will be implemented while wearing costumes at the school.
  • As per our safe school rules, no weapons (real or pretend) are allowed at the school so please do not send any weapons with the costumes.

  • No masks are allowed.

  • School dress code will be enforced.

  • Costumes should not be overtly political, gory or scary to little children or anything that could be interpreted as hate speech, or involve dressing like a different culture or race (cultural misappropriation).

Cultural appropriation would be "taking elements of someone else's culture". We want to be sensitive to all cultures including items that a culture may find spiritual or sensitive. If you have questions please feel free to call the school and we would be happy to help provide guidance.


These standards apply to all teachers, students and parents who dress up in a costume and come to the school for the school parade and the PTA Halloween Dance

Students who attend in a costume that falls under one of the above mentioned categories will either be asked to remove a portion of their costume if possible, or they will call home for a change if needed.

Your help in following these protocols will ensure that our students have a safe and fun Halloween.

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Parent Teacher Conferences November 3rd and 4th

We are hosting Parent Teacher Conferences on November 3rd and 4th.

You may access MyDSD to schedule your *virtual conference from October 18 through October 24.

*Please contact your child's teacher if you would like to meet in person.

Weather Changes... coming soon

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Davis SChool District Testing Information

Click the link above for all the information you need to know about testing options and policies.