Paul Revere

By: Marissa Bard


Most people know Paul Revere about his famous saying "The British Are Coming The British Are Coming." But there is much more . In this writing I will be telling you about Paul Revere's Early Life, The Midnight Ride and his Family Life if you are interested read on.

Early Life

So if you are interested in Paul Revere's Early Life well then you came to the right place. First it all started an the last week of 1734 or to be exact on January 1, 1735 in Boston Massachusetts. As Paul was a small child he went to a small school with other small little boys and girl and a very strict teacher. If things had been different Paul's name would not be Paul Revere. After Paul's mom died Paul's father sent Paul and his uncle to America when Paul was just thirteen he became a really good silversmith. Paul's first house was a small home on Fish Street. Now you know a little bit more about Paul Revere's Early Life you are on your way to be coming an expert.

The Midnight Ride

The Midnight ride might not be important to some people but if you ask me I think it is really important. Now the Midnight Ride Saturday and Sunday April 15 and 16 1775. And I can not forget about Paul's famous saying "The British Are Coming The Britsih Are Coming." Paul Revere did not ride alone he rode with Samual Prescot and William Dawes Paul Revere and William Dawes arrived at Lexington were the warned Sam Adams and John Hancock. Patriot leaders had taken refuge camp in outlawed communites fearing arrest by British officaials. Sadly Paul Revere did not get to finish his ride he got stopped by British Potrols. I bet some of you did not know that much about Paul's Midnight Ride.

Family Life

Some people think of a family has a mom dad and 2 or 3 children but Paul's family was hudge. So to start out with Paul married a beautiful women named Sara Orne in August of 1757. Paul's first child was a little girl named Deborah in 1758. Sara had a child every 1 or 2 years. Paul called his kids his Little Lambs. By 1773 Sara and Paul had 8 children but sadly 3 of them died of SmallPox. Did you know that much about Paul's family a surely did not.


Now I think you are a true Paul Revere expert. Remember you learned about his Early Life, The Midnight Ride and his Family Life. Thank You for reading.


refuge- a condition of being safe of sheltered from pursuit, danger or trouble.

silversmith- an artisan who makes articles or silverware.

Patriot- a person who vigorously supports their country and is prepared to defend enemies

SmallPox- an acute contagoius viral disease with fever and pustules usally leaving permaet scars.

British Potrals- to go around an area or building to cheak that it is free from danger and trouble.



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