Land Pollution

By: Allie Wyckoff

Prevention of Land pollution and becoming a Health advocate..

The greatest prevention to land pollution is in the three ‘R's, reduce waste, reuse things and recycle things. Governments can also use the three ‘R’ rule to minimize the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. Consider using solar energy in your house. Solar energy prevents water and air pollution that deals with burning fossil fuels for energy. Bike or walk instead of driving. By using these methods your health will be at a lower risk.
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How it affects our health...

Contaminated lands and environments can cause human respiratory diseases, problems on the skin, and various kinds of cancers. Also many toxic chemicals are released from land pollution that can cause damage of the brain. Land pollution is really messing up how people live and how kids grow up.

An expert from New Jersey Senator Frank Lautenberg says..

"It's obvious that the system doesn't work," says Lautenberg. "We can't permit this assault on our children's health — and our own health — to continue."

Global issues

The biggest problem comes when contaminated land is returned to use, like as building or farmland. Also, people might get their water from rivers that have groundwater contaminated by landfill ,or minerals. We do know what effect pollutants have. We know that lead is a toxic metal that has all kinds of effects on human health. We know that some chemicals are cancer causing and others cause things such as heart disease.

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