Infrared Waves

Jacob Sidorov

Four Uses for Infrared

1. Night Vision Goggles

2. Thermal Heat Imaging

3. Restaurant Food Warmers

4. Some T.V. Remotes

Six Pictures

NASA | Exploring Energy: Infrared

This video tells us all about the different ways we use infrared energy

The Wavelength of an infrared wave is known to be 25um - 750nm. The frequency is known to be 1x10 to the 13th power - 4x10 to the 14th powerHz

New Use For Infrared Waves

Scientists at Harvard may have discovered our fossil fuel crisis. These people have figured out a way to harness energy from the Earths emissions of infrared radiation. Everyone knows we are running out of fossil fuels and we need more energy. This new plan can save us all from our problems. This plan and infrared radiation are related because they both involve well, infrared! The first harvester, a thermal EEH device, consists of a "hot" plate at the temperature of the Earth, with a "cold" plate placed on top. The cold plate is made of special material that can cool very efficiently by radiating heat to the sky. The heat differences between the plates can generate an average of 2.7 watts per square meter (or roughly .25 watts per square foot). This is extremely low for large-scale power generation. But it works. This new piece of technology could impact us in a way no one has every known! With this, we can have unlimited energy and, after a period of time, it will save us millions of dollars! This amazing creation came to life in November 1, 2013.
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These two diagrams are two different types of energy harnessing devices created by Harvard Scientists