Ayurveda for all seasons

Seasonal rituals to keep you at your best !

Come hear Dr.Devraj speak on how to improve sleep, digestion and energy levels

No matter what the seasons, learn Ayurvedic rituals and lifestyle modifications to:

-Know your sleep patterns and recharge better

-Understand your unique nourishment needs as the weather changes

-Clue in on your passion raising energy and enthusiasm

Nature and animals adjust to the seasons to stay healthy, we have forgotten how to. Come and learn something from Ayurveda that might just turn your perspective on health on its head.

Ayurveda for better energy,sleep and digestion all year round

Friday, Jan. 22nd, 6:30-8:30pm

Ananda Yoga Center, 2171 El Camino Real, Palo Alto

A donation of $10 at the door is requested. 20% of all proceeds go to support the Ananda Community for making this event possible.

Dr.Vignesh Devraj,MD (Ayu), Rajiv Gandhi University of Sciences

Dr.Vignesh Devraj,MD (Ayu) is an eminent physician from Sitaram Ayurveda. Sitaram is a 95 year old lineage from Kerala, India.

Here are some testimonials from his past lectures :

"Dr. Devraj’s presentation was awesome! I do not know if he tailored it to me, all that he talked about the panchakarma process was something I had never heard of, even after studying all those years about Ayurveda! All the points about alkaline balance matched the treatments seamlessly. He is kind, caring, compassionate and detached, he represents his family business and he carries all that responsibility with grace, poise and illumination. He is the real deal and I am ready to go to India have the treatment"

-Tiyomari Noronha, Business Development, Immedia TV

"I really enjoyed Dr. Devraj's talk. It's really amazing to learn about ayurveda, an ancient Indian school of knowledge that can teach us so much about nutrition, digestion, and health. I had a personal consultation with Dr. Devraj and also got a gift certificate for my friend to do it too. We were each totally blown away by Dr. Devraj's insights into our health conditions and we have both put his recommendations into practice, to great immediate improvement including weight loss and increased energy. Now I really want to go to his retreat center!"

- Sophie A., Immigration Attorney, Law Offices of Sophie A.


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