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One Last Goodbye - Official Retired List from the Nest

{One Last Goodbye!}

Saying goodbye to old friends is difficult, we know! But it’s one way to make room to welcome some new friends to our fabulous collection of customizable jewelry!

First, we have a few Charms that are being redesigned to add an even more adorable touch to your Living Locket®:

CH5007- Hope

CH5009 -Angel

CH9001 - Love

CH1607 -High Heel

CH1605 - Lipstick

CH4011 - Sweet 16

CH1604 - I love shopping

We’re also bidding a fond farewell to a few old favorites (see theentire list here), but don’t fret! We have plenty of new options debuting in October that you’re sure to love. You definitely won’t be disappointed with what we have in store!

These items are being retired:


CN5001 - 32" Silver 1.5mm Rolo Chain
CN5002 - 32"Gold 1.5mm Rolo Chain
CN5003 - 32" Rose Gold 1.5mm Rolo Chain

CN5013 - 32" Silver Large Flat Oval Link Custom Chain

CH1623 – Daisy flower
CH1517 - Gold Gear
CH4004 - Fortune Cookie
CH1518 - Rose Gold Gear

DG1008 - Large Aqua Crystal Dangle
DG1010 - Large Clear Crystal Dangle
DG3002 - Aqua Flower
DG3006 - White Flower
DG3005 - Pink Flower
DG3001 - Peach Flower
DG1018 - Large Black Quatrafoil Dangle
DG1020 - Large Smoke Quatrafoil Dangle
DG1013 - Large Clear Quatrafoil Dangle
DG1017 - Large Aqua Quatrafoil Dangle
DG4006 - Large Silver Key
DG5006 - Large Gold Key
DG9010 - Gold Pearl Dangle

TAG10A –TAGZ - Initials (A-Z)
TAG112 - Happiness
TAG117 - Gratitude
TAG107 - Love Peace
TAG106 - Good Luck

If you love these current options, you can scoop them up until Nov. 1, unless, of course, they run out! Once they’re gone, they’re gone!


The Nest

Tune into last night's Webinar about the catalog, Cabo, Pinterest and other such goodies of info!

{Tonight's Webinar is Ready!}

Hello Designers!

Tonight's webinar is ready! You can watch it here or find it in the Resources section of the Back Office. As always, the password to access the video is oocall.

Have a wonderful evening!

The Nest

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{Get Rewarded for Growing Your Team!}

Since we’re so excited about the end of the DIW list, and because we want you to get to Cabo, we have another special incentive to help you make it happen!

Check out this video from CEO Robin Crossman and Vice President of Sales Strategies and Incentives Pam Mercado for all the deets! (Password: oocabo250) This is a great way to grow your team and pile on the points!

That’s right, this week (from Sept.23-30), we’ll give you 500 points towards “Take Flight to Paradise” every time you personally enroll a new Designer! Then, from Oct. 1 - Nov. 30 (through the end of our contest period), you can get 250 points each time you bring someone into this awesome company! To count, your new Designer must purchase a Business Launch Package. (New Designers assigned to you by The Nest do not count.)

So, get out there and welcome some new members to your O2 family…and get to Cabo! We’ve also created a flyer, so you can keep the details close at hand.


The Nest

Lindsey Nuttall

Qualified Director! Official - October 10, 2013!!!