Second Grade Swag!

January 11th - January 15th

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What We Are Learning This Week

Language Arts: This week,we will be reading a variety of nonfiction books about Martin Luther King, Jr. We will also be completing our middle of the year district assessments. In spelling this week, we will be learning about words that have a comparative Endings -er, -est such as hotter, hottest. We will have our spelling test on Friday, January 15th. Please be sure to practice with your child.

Social Studies: We will be intrgrting Social Studies and Language Arts this week with our study of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Math: This week will will continue with our unit on financial literacy. We will look at the terms consumer and producers and how we can calculate the cost of making items.

Science: This week our focus will be on natural and man made resources. We will define the terms and give examples of each type of resource.

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A Note From Mrs. Dobecka....

On Friday, January 19th, our students will be participating in Jump Rope for Heart Day. All students are allowed to bring a healthy snack (in a zip lock bag) and a healthy drink (in a plastic bottle with lid). Donations are also due on January 29th. Please remember to convert all cash to a check.

Lunch Duty Volunteers Wanted!

If you would like to help in the cafeteria, please click on the link below! Our lunch is from 11:45-12:45 on Monday - Thursday, we will not need parent volunteers on Fridays!! If you would like to help us out, please visit the sign up below! THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

Schoolwide Enrichment Model

To read more about our SEM journey, please check out the SEM newsletter!

Great Expectations of the Week

Life Principle: Self Control

Quote: "If we were supposed to talk more than we listen, we would have two mouths and one ear." -Mark Twain

Healthy Tip: Doing your chores can be a great way to exercise. Help your mom by cleaning up your room, dusting or vacuuming.

Important Dates

*January 11th - Mrs. Naragon's Birthday!

*January 15th - End of the 2nd 9 Weeks

*January 18th- Martin Luther King Jr. Day- NO SCHOOL!

*January 22nd- Report Cards come home

*January 29th- Jump Rope for Heart Day

*February 15th - Professional Development day, NO SCHOOL!

*March 10th- Open House, more information to come

*March 14th - 18th- Spring Break, NO SCHOOL!

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