2F News

February 4, 2016

Friendship Celebration

Our theme for this year's Valentine's Day celebration will be Friendship.

We will have a classroom celebration on February 11. I will be sending a signup sheet for special treats to bring and share.

I will also be sending a class list for students to use if they choose to write messages of friendship to their classmates. I will be speaking with students about finding something nice to say about everyone so that every student feels included. I ask that you please encourage your child to remember friendship as they write any messages.

Math - Data, Probability and Graphing

Our current math unit focuses on reading, interpreting and graphing data using bar graphs, pictographs and line graphs.

We also use the vocabulary words: certain, likely, unlikely, impossible and prediction.

Please consider using the below link for your child to practice their math facts.


Students continue to learn about different fairy tales, the elements of fairy tales and the author's message. Next week we will begin learning about Folk Tales.

We are beginning a new unit on narrative writing next week - students will be focusing on writing stories with details.

Spelling homework will begin next week. Students will have a spelling quiz on their 10 words on Thursday.

Social Studies

Students have begun learning about ancient Egypt. We will be exploring the geography, contributions, architecture, farming, writing and daily life of ancient Egypt in the coming weeks before moving on to a study of ancient China.