something sweet

by: Titus Swen


these poems are written to express feeling not exsactly how I feel but just feeling of my characters. written poems for me is kind of hard because it takes me awhile to express my feelings let along write it on paper for people to see or read.


The motor trembled and roared the garage and made smoke and dropped water on the cool asphalt, sweet smell to some and better to others, from that sound lifted eyes in wonder.

upon the sunrise far into haslet

The motor trembled and roared, trembled and roared,

as it rolled smooth and carried light,

something was going to happen: the day was all but done.

call it whatever, I wish they might have said before I got out the car. with an half hour to spare.

I count the minutes, hours that pass.

my friends walked a long side me to enter my house.

as time flow like a bird in a hurry

as the phone rang with no sings of stopping.

answering it was a dare, but a mystery

answering, but only hearing things I don't want to hear about the motor and its roar in that kind of manner.

telling me that the people in that beautiful monster wont see the sun set nor rise for a long time.

and if so for ever

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Ode To My Spikes

  1. And ode to my spikes

  2. Bought for me by my dad

  3. A pair of spikes

  4. Which Nike made themselves

  5. With their crafty minds and heartless machines

  6. A pair flashy flexible as a snake

  7. I gave my feet to them

  8. As if they were wanted

  9. N

  10. My feet were on 2 clouds made from heaven

  11. Black pit, engraved with a light at the bottom

  12. Two chaeta’s, two guns ready to fire

  13. My feet owed all honor

  14. By these godly spikes

  15. they were on top for the first time

  16. My feet made me feel unstoppable

  17. Like a pack of wild wolfs hunting prey

  18. Like a sniper on top of the tallest building

  19. N

  20. Of these golden spikes

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  1. I’m somebody! Who are you?

  2. Are you- somebody-too

  3. Two of us make one pair?

  4. I want to be your pair- do you?

  5. How dreadful- to be- nobody

  6. How out there- like a spot on a spotted cup

  7. To say your name- the heart felt

  8. To a gentlemen that seeks her.

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A) Careless free soul wonder where you’ll go next

B) Worried about life not to live it free

A)you tell a beautiful but still vex
B) certainly now you must live life lovely
C) the lies the faithless you still seem to avoid
D) no concern to care but you show that you do
C) from sunset to sunrise your beauty still deplore
D) by faith, by chance, changing directions
E) but your eternal flame shall not die
E)nor shall people put sin in your heart
F)when your time is winding down
G) you can see what other fail to believe
G) so long lives your faith and soul won’t meet defeat

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Where I'm From

I am from the gold

From blech, and Mr. Clean

I am from the heat of the sun

I am from thorn bushes

The rose elm

I am from the gatherings and firm hand shacks

From my mother and father and sister

I am from ……

From be thankful of what you have and keep your hands to yourself

I am from bible school

I am from Africa grapes, and sweet oranges

From the runaway brothers and the double meager sister

I am from the photos on the wall and under the bed lock boxes

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