News From Slackwood

June 5, 2015

Upcoming Events

Saturday, June 6 - Family Fun Day and Basket Auction - 10 AM - 2PM - Slackwood Play Area

Monday, June 8 - Unity Day for 3rd Grade at LIS

Stone Soup Presentation for Students 1:45

Wednesday, June 10 - Spelling Bee - 3rd Grade - 8:30 AM

3rd Grade Makerspace with Mrs. Muzi 10-11

Thursday, June 11 - Kindergarten Celebration 9:30

Come to Family Fun Day - Saturday, June 6 from 10 AM - 2 PM

All Family and Friends are welcome.


Come ride the ponies or buy some tickets for the amazing basket raffles. It will be an awesome day of fun and family. $5 for a wristband for all activities. Food costs and baskets are separate.

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Cartoon Science

Lawrence High School students from Mrs. Laird's STEM academy class came to visit Slackwood on Thursday to present Cartoon Science to our 3rd graders. Students were exposed to a variety of science activities based on different cartoons. Mrs. Laird's students did a great job of presenting and Slackwood students got to make oobleck and paper airplanes, and see various scientific demonstrations using the scientific method.

Kindergarten Orientation Goes Off Without A Hitch

Thirty two out of the almost 50 students who have registered, showed up to find out more about the school they will be attending next year. The new children were filled with curiosity, excitement and some apprehension as the Kindergarten teachers took them to do activities in the classroom. Mr. Billy, Mrs. Seaman and Mrs. Wilson did a short presentation for the parents and answered questions. It was great beginning for our new students and their parents. Please tell anyone who has not yet registered to call the board of education office at 671-5500 or apply for kindergarten online at

Third Grade Recorder Concert

Slackwood third graders showed their musical expertise in the area of instrumentals; getting their first opportunity to try an instrument . . . the recorder. Mrs. Damon had the students prepare several numbers to play for the students at our school. It was amazing to see the student growth in this area.
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News From Slackwood

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About Slackwood Elementary School

Slackwood's original structure was built in 1904. This is the 110th year that we have opened school here in our little neighborhood. At the present time, we have three classes for each grade level, K-3, and two special education classrooms.