Where the Mountain Meets the Moon

By: Grace Lin

Reviewed by Abdel



Main Characters:

Minli- A poor happy girl that lives in a dull village with her mother, and father and wants to give fortune to her family. She is a dynamic character

Main Characters:

A stranded dragon that Minli found that is almost 100 years old. He does not know how to fly and wants to find out how to. He is a static character.


Minli’s village and family is a very dull and have no fortune. Minli is tired of hearing her mother talk about how their family is poor and dreadful so she went off to find The Old Man of the moon which people think he is a myth. The old man of the moon is believed to know everything and can answer every question from his book of fortune, but you can only ask him question. This is an external conflict. While she goes off to her journey she finds a stranded dragon that does not know how to fly so Minli told him that she is going off to find the old Man of the moon and he can ask him how to fly,this is an external conflict. Will Minli ever find the Oldman of the moon and give her village fortune? Will dragon ever learn how to fly, and if they do find the oldman of the moon which question will Minli ask the oldman of the moon?

Recommendation :

I recomend this book to people who love fanasty and suspencful books. I think this is a perfect book for them because eventhough there is fary tale objects there is a very suspencful mood in the story that makes you not put the book down.