Tools for Collaborative Learning

8th Grade Business & Computer Science


Edmodo’s interface is almost identical to Facebook. I have created a class page that will allow me to post links, documents, pictures, and other resources for students to use to complete assignments. I will be administering tests and quizzes on the class page, and Edmodo has the capability to grade them. Students will also submit assignments on Edmodo, and I will give feedback just like one would comment on a Facebook status. Like Facebook, I will get a notification at the top right of my screen when a student submits an assignment, and students will get a notification when I give feedback or post a grade. You as parents will also have access to the class page to monitor your child’s progress.


Popplet is a website that allows students to collaborate on concept/thinking maps known as “Popplet boards.” In small-group and whole-class settings, Popplet will be used to brainstorm a variety of topics. Specifically, students will post facts and thoughts to their Popplet boards as well as upload pictures and images and embed links and videos. Then, students will share and discuss their Popplet boards with the class.


MeetingWords is a website that is very similar to Google Docs. By sharing the link via email, MeetingWords allows students to edit the same document simultaneously from more than one computer. Changes to the document are automatically saved and instantly reflected on each student’s computer. In pairs or small groups, students will use MeetingWords to brainstorm and collaborate on a variety of topics. MeetingWords will be especially useful for group projects as students can access the site/link from home.