Mrs. Valentine's Class

BSE/HSE Redistricting

The last open community dialogue event to discuss the proposed BSE redistricting is tonight (Nov. 11th) from 6:00-8:00 pm at the Hamilton Southeastern High School cafeteria. Attendees will have a chance to review and discuss the three proposed redistricting plans for next school year. All three plans will directly impact BSE.

Friday Kona Ice

Friday, Nov. 14th, 11:30am


Students are allowed to purchase a Kona Ice during recess on Friday, Nov. 14th. Costs range from $2 for a Kiddie Cup to $5 for a KowaBunga Kona. Please use the link below for flavor information (regular, dye-free, and sugar-free). Contact Mrs. Sweet at 915-4250 ext 1017 for health concerns.

Nonfiction Research and Writing

Students started a nonfiction research and writing unit on a topic of their choice. They have learned how to use internet resources such as Pebble Go and World Book Online for Kids to find informational articles. Students also have had the opportunity to look for a library book that will help them learn more about their topic. If they have books at home or books from the public library, students can bring those in, as well.

Students are using the note-taking strategy "What do I remember?" to help write notes without copying from their resource. The students came up with some questions to help guide them in their researching. Animal researchers are finding out about their animal's body, where it lives, what it eats, the animal's life cycle, defense/ protection, etc. Researchers that are working on non-animal related topics are looking for information about where/when/why/how it happens, why is it important, etc.

BSE Student Links has some good starting places for student research.

Reading to Find Meaning

Students are working on really thinking about their reading! They have been working on explaining the cause(s) and effect(s) within a story. Oftentimes, a fictional story is a chain reaction of cause/effect. Students are asked to explain what caused something to happen and also to find specific examples in the text. Finding text examples is a good skill to practice at home after reading together.

Ask your child to tell you about how A Circle of Friends is an example of a book where one action causes everything else to happen. Are there any cause/effect scenarios within the Notebook of Doom?

Addition Strategies (to 10...20...and 100!)

Students have been working on understanding different addition strategies to 10, 20, and 100. These strategies include counting up 1, 2, or 3, using doubles facts, understanding double plus 1, adding one or ten more, using fact families, and making tens. (Some of these strategies were sent home in a math newsletter a couple weeks ago along with resources to find them. I attached a copy to my blackboard page.)

Students have also been working on learning/memorizing their math facts using It's helpful to practice math facts a few minutes everyday. You can use the Xtramath website, regular flashcards, triangle flashcards, math apps, etc. If your child knows all the facts to 10, then work on addition facts to 20.