Bethany's Got a Boo Thang

Can it be true?!?

I know what you are thinking, Bethany always chases, but never gains. This time it’s different. Bethany was just a simple girl that was very lonely, but saturday everything changed. She got asked on a date!
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Waking up on a warm weekend morning, she was awakened by a text from Dylan Powell - her boy toy, asking if she was busy. She replied that she wasn’t , and then continued to roll around on her bed hyperventilating for fifteen minutes. Later on that day they went to the movies, at Inlet Square Mall. They went to go see the new live action version of The Jungle Book. During the movie, Dylan actually began to lean on Bethany, can you believe it?! They are both movie talkers, which is a plus for Bethany, because she simply never stops talking. After the movie they went over to the arcade and played air hockey and pool, which along with the movie he played for like a true gentlemen. They continued to hang out by playing a game of bowling before heading back to their hometown of Georgetown. On the ride home they talked about their life.

Fast forward to Wednesday, he asks if he can be her date to the prom at our school, she obviously says yes, and then once again, rolled around on her bed breathing heavily. Current day, they are still talking about prom a lot, and are going on a second date on Saturday. Stay turned for more info.