History of basketball

The creation

Basketball was originally created by a man of the name Dr. James Naismith in 1891. He made 13 original rules and most of those rules are still in play today. There were two peach buckets hung at either end of a gym and 5 players on each team attempted to put a soccer ball in this bucket using just their hands. It was first made popular in New England but quickly spread through the US. It first went international in 1893. Then its first Olympics were in the 1936 games.

Current day

These days, basketball is one of the worlds most popular sports in the world. The current size of an official NBA court is a 92 by 40 feet rectangle

Some of the best ever include


Where Amazing Happens

The NBA is The National Basketball Association. It Is the professional level of basketball. Some of the NBA teams are very historic, like the Boston Celtics or the LA. Lakers. All basketball players dream of someday playing in the league.

NCAA Basketball

Basketball is also a big deal in college. The NBA drafts players out of college. (Sometimes High school)


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