Costa Rican Field Study

March 2014 Newsletter

The price of the trip has been lowered!

Based on the new number of students enrolled in the trip, the cost of the trip has been reduced. The former price of $2995 is now $2810 (minus the $40 plane deposit, makes it $2770), that's a saving of $185 per student!!! If you have already paid for the trip or made payments that exceed the current price, you will be receiving a refund from Costa Rican Resources. The refund check will be mailed to the name and address listed on the original check received by them.

Mandatory Parent and Student Meeting

Wednesday, May 28th, 6pm

Room 34, Lake Forest High School

We will be having a Bon Voyage meeting on Wednesday, May 28th @ 6 p.m. in Room 34 at Lake Forest High School. This meeting will contain departure information, hotel lists, arrival information, packing suggestions and much more! Make sure to bring at least one parent with you to this meeting.

The Itinerary has changed a bit...

The tour company and I have been working to make your trip even more exciting. We have added some extras and changed the order of some activities to make sure we are spending the least amount of time driving around and the most time enjoying all that Costa Rica has to offer. You still will be doing all the same great activities that you signed up for, just in a different order. Check out the link below and see our newly redesigned trip.

Introducing your chaperones

Sra. Karessa Breweur

Spanish Department, Illini Bluffs High School

Sr. Diego Quesada

Tour Guide, Costa Rican Resources