The Road To Perseverance

Nicole Santucci May 2016

Perseverance is to try and don't give up no matter the adversities. If one quits then they never fully tried.

Walt Disney (Description)

Walt Disney had been persevering to be an animator since he was little with the tough road of trying to prove himself to his father he had a lot to work with. Walt grew up on a farm and drew characters on the barn. Walt's dad punished Walt for doing this. When Walt got older he persevered as a soldier in the war and later came back to being an animator so he started it up again. Walt Disney fought through the great depression and losing businesses. This never stopped his faith. He always kept going. He fought through it all with his persistence and became successful with his character Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse was originally named Mortimer but his wife thought it was too depressing of a name. So they decided to change his name to Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse was created because they lost their last character to a business they were working for, "Felix the cat productions". Walt couldn't give up his business for them so he quit working for them and they started over again. He soon created a successful business, "Walt Disney Studios" and built an empire. Walt made a huge number of family films because he wanted to make people happy. Walt wanted to be an animator and he started drawing characters when he was little so he thought it was important to inspire little kids to keep going from what they believe in and what they want to be. Walt soon created Disney Land. Where families go to be happy with what he created. Before Walt died he bought land in Florida and set off the plans of creating Disney World. Walt died on December 15 1966. His brother took over and finished Disney World because he believed after all Walt went through it was time to finish what he started. People now look up to what Walt did and what he created and people are forever grateful.

Winston Churchill v.s. Eleanor Roosevelt (Compare and Contrast)

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Jackie Robinson (Cause and Effect)

Back when Jackie Robinson played ball there was a lot of people that hated blacks but because Jackie Robinson persevered through his adversities of being black and trying to play baseball Black men can now play in major league baseball. No one is as good as Jackie Robinson and that causes people to keep trying to get better. Jackie encouraged black people to fight for what they want. Jackie Robinson had to fight through all the bickering from people that hated him. People today even kids can look up to that to fight bullies. He inspired other back people to fight. He inspired women to fight to play sports. He encouraged s many people then and now. People today look up to Jackie as a huge role model in everything they do rather it's sports or just any adversities in life. Jackie became an idol because he helped Martin Luther King Jr. to help blacks when he retired which inspired the world. Jackie Robinson was just known and is still known. He inspires people even more today to get the rights they deserve.
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Jackie Robinson

Nadja Salerno-Sonneberg (Problem and Solution)

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Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg.

"Carp gives a lesson" (Chronological order)

When Rosetsu went to school and he could not progress. He had a disability that did not allow him to learn the way other people did. Rosetsu wanted to be an artist. At first he didn't give up. Then he thought about committing suicide. Things got so rough and he didn't understnad why he couldn't succeed when he tried so hard. Next he saw the carp not give up to get food and it gave Rosetsu courage. Rosetsu decided to go back and keep trying to learn even if he was learning until he died. Next Rosetsu didn't give up and went back to school. Next Okyo adhered to Rosetsu and didn't give up upon helping him. Okyo, Rosetsu's original teacher knew the ways to teach Rosetsu and didn't want to give up on him. Finally Rosetsu became a successful artist. Rosetsu finally completed school and became an artist that people learned to know well.

Rosetsu watching the carp at the pond

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Lessons learned.

The lessons that one could learn is that people have to persevere for what they believe in. They have to work even when it's not for themselves, even when it's not what they want. It's important to never yield to never give in. People have to climb the mountain no matter how high and how hard it is to breathe. People have to never give in, never, never, never give in. No matter the adversities that try to block our path to the triumph of life. They're the people that fight through the battles and even when they get to the top of the triumphs and they still keep going.