By Alarika Voora and Deepika Krishnan


If we add weights (penny's, gram weights, etc.) to the wings of the foam rocket, what will happen?


An average penny weighs 3.1 grams. The foam rocket weighs 8.6 grams. The rocket weighs more than the penny. Since the rockets tail wings make the rocket fly, if the tail wings had more weight the rocket probably won't go as far with the extra weight. That's true with anything. The extra weight can cause the rocket to flip over, drop in the middle, can slow down to its destination, or just not fly.


If we add pennies to the wing tail of the foam rocket, then the rocket will not fly very successfully.


  • A foam rocket
  • 20 pennies
  • 2 people
  • Scotch tape
  • A notebook
  • A pencil


  1. Take foam rocket, Scotch tape, and 1 penny
  2. Take 1 even piece of tape and tape one penny to the wing tail.
  3. Pull the stretchy thingie on the front of the rocket and make the rocket fly. Did the rocket flip over, not fly, or drop in the middle of it's flight (7 yards).
  4. Record all data in the table
  5. Repeat Step 1-4 for each penny. Remember to evenly spread the penny each time you put a penny on. EX 20 pennies/ 6 wings=about 4 pennies on each wing


Pennies Flips over Not fly Drops in middle Fly's normally

1 yes no no no

2 yes no yes no

3 yes no yes no

4 yes no yes no

5 yes yes yes no

6 yes no no yes

7 yes no no yes

8 no yes no no

9 yes no yes no

10 yes no yes no

11 yes no yes no

12 yes no no yes

13 yes no yes no

14 yes no no no

15 yes no no yes

16 yes no yes no

17 no yes no no

18 yes no no no

19 yes yes no no

20 yes no no yes


Our Hypothesis was correct. Our claim was that the rocket would not fly normaly if pennies were added to the back of the rocket. Our evidence is we tested the rocket with one penny added each time. "Dude the rocket is getting really heavy" are the words of Alarika Voora each time we added a penny. I figured that if the rocket is started to not fly as well by 12 pennies, then 20 pennies won't be as good. Since the rocket is lightweight the heavy pennies would add up on weight, and end up weighing more than the rocket. However we placed the pennies in special ways. It could have been the ways we placed the pennies that could have altered this experiment.
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