Montessori Monthly

September 1, 2017

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

Thanks for opening this newsletter!

I will create a monthly newsletter and post it on our school webpage during the school year. No paper copies will be created. I'll try to add pictures and video to break up the text a little bit, too!

My first attempt at a newsletter video is below! It will get better, I'm sure!

Picking Up/Dropping Off

We want to keep our students at Montessori safe! Our staff works hard before and after school to monitor our students but we also need your help!

In the mornings:

  • please do not park directly in front of the school and wait with your child. This is for drop off only. Please pull as far forward as possible to allow other parents to pull in, drop off, and be on their way.
  • please don't drop off your students until 7:45am or later. We have no daily supervision in front of school and don't open the front doors until 7:50am.
  • If you would like to park and walk your child to the front of the school, please park in the parking lot just west of the building or a side street. This allows our drop off and pick up procedures to continue smoothly.

In the afternoons:

  • do not park and leave your car unattended in the pick up lane or in the street. This just slows down the process for everyone!
  • do not ask your student to cross the street in the middle of the street. Please use the crosswalks!
  • Please be patient and courteous with other parent drivers
  • If you would like to meet your child outside and walk him/her to your car, please park in the parking lot just west of our building or on a side street. This allows our pickup procedures to continue smoothly.

Thank you for helping keep our students safe!

Please considering attending our PAB meetings!

We need your parent input, as well as your volunteering spirit! Please consider attending the next PAB (Parent Advisory Board) meeting so you can stay up to date with what's going on at school, sign up to volunteer at one of our activities, and provide input on how we can/should spend our fundraiser money.

We're always looking for good ideas!

Dates to Remember

September 6 Instrument Displays at the Music Center

September 13 Orchestra begins

September 15 Book Fair Begins (runs through Sept. 22)

September 15 Grandparents Day

September 18 Book Bingo 6:30pm

September 19 Montessori Picture Day

September 28 3rd/4th to Science Expo Day