Spiny Dogfish Shark Project

Sophia IJaz

Labelings of the Spiny Dogfish Shark

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Organs of the Spiny Dogfish Shark

  1. Gallbladder- functions in storage and flotation
  2. Heart- two halves; the atrium and ventricles, special muscle
  3. Kidney- balance salt and water; and eliminate toxic wastes
  4. Liver- holds the oil that gives the shark buoyancy many digestive functions happen here such as strong nutrients and food molecules that arrive at the gut
  5. Pancreas- secreases many digestive enzymes
  6. Small Intestine-there is a fold in the intestine that allows the shark to eat more food and it is stored here
  7. Large Intestine-the waste goes into the large intestine and also reclaims water here
  8. Stomach-storing food eaten by the shark, until digested
  9. Esophagus-passing food from the pharynx to the stomach
  10. Rectum-the elimination of feces
  11. Claspers-a finger like projection, that help with sperm transfer during mating, only in males!!!
  12. Lateral Line- can sense tiny water movements, such as those made by swimming prey
  13. Gills- they take oxygen in from water passing over them and let out carbon dioxide

Shark classification:

  1. Kingdom- Animalia
  2. Phylum- Chordate
  3. Class- Chondrichthyes
  4. Order- Squaliformes
  5. Family- Squalidae
  6. Genus- Squalus
  7. Species- Acanthias

Life Span of the Sharks

  • The sharks usually live from 25-100 years

Habitat of the Sharks:

  • The sharks range throughout the Canadian coastal waters, and along the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean
  • In the Atlantic ocean the sharks are between the Scotian Shelf with some populations in the Gulf of St. Lawrence
  • The sharks are abundant between Nova Scotia and Cape Hatteras