Motion Picture Projectionist!!!

WhAt dO tHeY dO????

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What are the working conditions and physical demands?

You should be able to see up close and in a distance and you should be able to identify different colors and shades and brightness. You have to lift 10 to 20 pounds. You walk, stand or run a third of the time. You have to be able to feel and touch things. You are inside most of the time.

Activities during the Job

· Rewinds film to reel

· Inserts film into the reel

· Sets up and adjusts projection light and volume

· Monitors projector operation

· Installs microphones, amplifiers and lights.

· Handles Special Effect Equipment

· Makes minor adjustments and repairs to equipment.

· Inspects films to make sure they're complete and in good condition.

· Starts projectors and opens shutters to project images onto screens.

· Inspects projection equipment

What are the basic skills required on the job?

  • Reading comprehension
  • Active listening
  • Speaking
  • Critical Thinking
  • Active learning
  • Learning strategies
  • Monitoring
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What is the future outlook for this job?

It decreased by -10,6%. It keeps decreasing, no growth.

What are the work hours and travel?

You have irregular work hours and you work on the weekends.


What is the national average annual wage for this job?

$22,200 per year

What is the average annual wage for this job in Texas?

$21,230 per year

What is the average hourly wage for this job in Texas?

$10.20 per hour

What are the educational requirements of the job?

You have to have degrees in photography, video and computer programming.

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