By Roland Smith

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This book is a descent book but the book did forget about some of the people as well as add people on the last page of the book. The book also has a confusing story that is hard to follow. That is why I would give this book a 2/5
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This book is about 2 kids that were brother and sister but found out that they are not. There grandfather owns a company filled with scams and other hateful things. So they go with there father how also has a company. The father has a boat and wants to catch a giant squid for his company. That is the basis of the book

Expert reviews

"A high-octane page-turner that will reel readers in and keep them riveted." ― School Library Journal

"Smith's fast-paced story will capture the imagination of any action-loving reader." ― BookPage

Favorite quote

"That's right," Al said. "And you''ll both be dead."