Russian Culture

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Russian Culture

  • One of the celebrations that they have is called "Honey Days".
  • Some of the places to visit are Moscow Kremlin, Hermitage Museum, and St. Basil's Cathedral.
  • Some famous Russians Anne Frank, Cleopatra, and Vlad 111 the Impaler.
  • Some amusement parks to go to are Gorky Park, VVT's, and Sokolniki.
  • Some interesting facts about Russia are: Russia is located in 9 different time zones. Russian is the official language, but there are many other different languages also. And the last fact is that Russia shares it's border with many different countries like, China, Norway, etc.

These are some of the foods that Russians eat.


Some foods they eat are Moscow Chicken, Beef Stroganoff, and Sausage mixed with different vegetables.