Henry's Demo

Kyle @ Henrys Camera


June 11th, 2015

Time of Demo:

12:30 pm

Description of Activity:

I will be teaching you about the differences between DSLR cameras vs Mirror-less cameras.
I will also teach you about the differences about Canon vs Nikon vs Sony etc.
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I will be teaching you these things because it is good for you to know the basic knowledge and functions behind cameras as it furthers develops your photography knowledge. When you learn the differences between these cameras and their functions you figure out what you need for your photography experiences.

Details of the Activity:

I will be comparing the bodies of a DSLR and a Mirror-less body camera. I will also be talking about lenses and how they vary. I will also be discussing certain features and functions some Canon cameras have that Nikon do not and other Camera bodies such as Sony and other competing brands.

Required Materials:

Camera Body
Camera Lenses

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