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Lincolnshire-Prairie View School District 103; Aug. 6, 2020

Understanding the Hybrid Learning Model & Families Changing From Hybrid to the Remote Model

Hello District 103 Parents,

We would like to clear up confusion regarding the details to the revisions of the in-person learning model as well as provide information for families choosing to switch from the in-person hybrid model to the 5-day per week remote learning model.

Details Regarding the Hybrid Model

The District altered the in-person learning plan to a hybrid model for grades 3-8, which includes alternating in-person learning and asynchronous remote learning 2-3 days per week. This was necessary in order to adhere to the Illinois State Board of Education guidelines that students must be 6-feet apart in the classroom. Due to the number of families selecting the in-person model and the size of our classrooms, we could not maintain the 6-foot distance in grades 3-8. Children in grades EC-2 will continue with daily instruction once the district resumes in-person learning.

All students will begin the school year remotely on August 25 for four weeks due to the continuing spread of COVID-19. The District will track the spread of the virus using metrics provided by the Illinois Department of Public Health and make decisions regarding having students attend in-person when the spread of COVID-19 is more contained.

For Students in Grades 3-8 Enrolled Under the In-Person/Hybrid Model

  1. Once in-person learning resumes, students will meet in-person in their classroom with their teacher on either Tuesday/Thursday and every other Monday or Wednesday/Friday and every other Monday.

  2. On the days students are not attending school in-person, students will work at home asynchronously through recorded instruction, self-guided and individual learning time. There may be opportunities for a staff member to check-in with students during this time. However, that will depend on our staffing levels.

  3. Siblings would be placed on the same schedule. Requests to place students in classrooms with friends cannot be accommodated.

From August 25 through September 30

Teachers will instruct ALL students through remote learning instruction. During this full remote learning time, students will follow the same schedule as students whose families signed them up for the remote only model with daily synchronous and asynchronous learning. For details on the remote model, please visit the Fall Opening Remote web page. The hybrid learning schedules are irrelevant during this month as ALL students will participate and attend every day remotely.

Students will receive their teacher assignments/schedules by August 21. For more details about the hybrid learning model and the remote learning model, please visit our Fall Learning Plan website.

When Conditions Allow for the Hybrid Model to Begin With In-Person Learning

Sprague students, whose families selected the in-person model, will attend school 5-days per week.

For Half Day and Daniel Wright students classes will be split into an A/B model to determine which days they attend school in-person and which days they will learn remotely. The students’ assigned teacher will instruct students in-person daily but only with the students attending in-person on the A or B day. Because teachers will be working with classroom students daily, students will be provided with asynchronous learning on the days they will not be in the school building.

Hybrid Model Schedule

  1. 2 to 3 days per week in-person learning

    1. Students will attend either Tuesday/Thursday and alternate Mondays, or Wednesday/Friday and alternate Mondays

    2. Students will follow the regular school schedule

  2. 2 to 3 days per week remote learning

    1. Remote days will be asynchronous days with possible check-in’s with staff members depending on staffing

    2. Students will follow a 5-hour schedule for each grade level

    3. Students in grades 6-8 may be expanded to a 7-hour day

As we work through final staffing and scheduling, we will continue to make efforts for synchronous touch points during these remote learning days, but that is not guaranteed at this time.

Switching from Hybrid to Remote Learning Model

Because of the District’s need to change from in-person 5-days per week to a hybrid model, some families would prefer to change their decision to the 5-day per week remote model. We sent a communication to families who had selected the in-person model and offered them the chance to move to the 5-days per week remote model. If you selected in-person, please complete the following form(s) to inform us whether or not you wish to change your decision to the 5-days per week remote model. Please complete the form by tomorrow, Friday August 7 at 4 p.m. We ask that all families who selected in-person learning complete the form(s) to ensure that we have the most accurate information.

If you originally selected the 5-day week remote option, there is nothing for you to do at this time. Unfortunately, we are not allowing families to move from the remote model to the hybrid model as this may imbalance classes again due to classroom size restrictions. We will continue to review this option in the future, but at this time, it is not available.

Thank you for continuing to work with us as we prepare to start school August 25.


Scott Warren, Ed.D.

Superintendent of D103 Schools


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