Faculty F.Y.I.

September 27, 2019

Dear Teachers and Staff,

Another stellar week at Fr. Doyle School! Thank you for your continued dedication to our school and our mission. Your hard work and long hours are greatly appreciated.

I am looking forward to our first half-day professional day this upcoming Wednesday, October 2nd. A detailed schedule for the afternoon is included below. We will work on interpreting STAR data, begin discussions regarding our ELA curriculum, and learn more about the technology available to teachers here. My hope is that it will be a productive and meaningful afternoon for you.

If you have not yet done so, please complete the ELA/Reading Programs & Materials Survey here. We will use this information at our meeting on Wednesday. Thank you for your input!

You may recall at our initial faculty in-service back in August we began with three major instructional goals: begin addressing curriculum concerns, use blended learning to personalize instruction, and improve communication between home and school. Thus far, we have made the following efforts in these areas:

Address Curriculum Concerns

  • Collect information on current resources and programs for ELA instruction
  • Discuss taught curriculum and continuity between grade levels at meeting on 10/2

Personalizing Instruction

  • Highlander Institute training is underway
  • In-depth analysis and on-going conversation of STAR data, beginning at meeting on 10/2

Improving Communication

  • Bloomz training coming soon!
  • Re-design of Weekly Newsletter to families

I look forward to working together with you as we continue to pursue these worthy goals.

Just a reminder that you are always welcome to stop by my office or shoot me an email with any questions or concerns you may have. I am happy to support you and your classroom in any way that I can.

Have a wonderful and restful weekend!


Kevin Peloquin

Using Logical Consequences in the Classroom

As the year progresses and students become more comfortable, they naturally begin to test boundaries in the classroom. With this in mind, I thought it may be helpful to provide some guidelines on utilizing logical consequences in the classroom.

Research shows that students respond best to consequences that are directly related to the behavior in question. Furthermore, studies show that the most effective discipline practices do not just provide a consequence, but also provide an opportunity for the student to repair the damage done and ultimately grow in virtue.

I know that may sound a bit abstract, so I've attached an article below that provides some concrete details on what logical consequences may look like in your classroom.

Hope it helps! Happy teaching!

Important Dates & Documents

If you have not yet done so, please contribute to our Sunshine Fund! The envelope is in Joyce's office.

Wednesday, October 2nd

Half Day Professional Day

Monday, October 7th

Grandparents' Day

Thursday, October 10th

Fr. Doyle Flu Clinic

  • 2:45-5:30 in the gym

Friday, October 11th

Respect Life! Baby Shower

  • 2:30-4:00
  • Donations needed!

Thursday, October 17th

Walkathon & Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday, October 18th

Parent Teacher Conferences

Monday, September 23rd - Friday, November 8th

  • Schedule initial Formal Observation for this window
  • Scheduling can be completed via email