Rachel and Nathan vs. North America

By: Nathan Sims and Rachel Kruse


We took a 21- day trip all around the U.S. and Canada, visiting 18 fun and unique attractions in a multitude of states and two regions in Canada. It was truly a fascinating experience that I'm sure we won't forget. Don't mean to brag but, we had a budget of 12,600 dollars and we spent a total of $4787.10. With a budget of $600 a day, our most expensive day cost us $317.32.

Nathan's Favorite Day

My favorite day of the trip was the day we went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Personally I enjoyed the diversity of the museum. There were so many cultures being represented by the art, not to mention all the different art forms. Every country had their own styles, items, and muses that they used. The fact that the tour was self-guided made it all the better. After that we went to Philadelphia to see the Liberty Bell. The attraction was so peaceful, yet the fact it was so historically iconic made it extremely entertaining. We also ate at El Vez Mexican restaurant. The food was delicious and well worth the price. Finally we stayed at the Omni Hotel which has great quality for a low price. Overall the day was full of fun and fascinating activities that left a lasting impact on me.

Rachel's Favorite Day

I really enjoyed going to Oregon Chateau and Caves. The first night we arrived, we were able to go hiking. The trails we went on, one of with was called the No name trail, took us by high waterfalls and a bridge overlooking a rushing river. I almost dropped my camera when I was trying to take a picture! I'm glad I didn't because it was absolutely breathtaking. We also hiked steeply above the caves. I was very tired and begged Nathan to go back to the hotel, a part of the entire national monument. The next morning, we took a cave tour! The countless formations were incredible and I was in awe! There were some parts that were very tight and I could barely fit through! At these points, there was little lighting and I felt like an earlier cave discoverer or miner! When I was admiring the cave, I saw a best fly out from one of the corners, which is very rare! I had such a great time!
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