state facts

on texas and new york


It's nickname is "the Lone Star State".IT's capital is austin and the date of state of state hood is december 29,1845.The state bird,flower.and tree are the mockingbird,bluebonnet,and pecan tree.the population of texas is 26 million people and %70 of the population lives within 200 miles from austin.galveston is a famous beash there and the housten gallerya is the famous mall in texas texas posseses 3 of the most popules citys.

new york

It's nickname,''the empire state''has a capital name called Albany,it's date of statehood is july 26,1788.It's state flower,bird,and tree are the rose,bluebird,and the sugar maple.George abbett,a stage producer was born in new york and so was George babcock,an inventer.the tourest atracttions are central park,empire state building,and times sqaure.


It's capital is honolulu and it's nickname is th islands of aloha.It's state flower,bird,and tree are hubisos,nene,and kukui.