Whats in a cigarette?

By Caden Baird

how its made

the main ingredient in a cigarette Is tobacco it is a green plant that grows in a lot of warm climates and a lot of the farmers use insecticide to keep insects away from it. then the tobacco plants are picked and machines break them up then flavorings are added to keep the smoke going out.

the chemicals

over 4,000 chemicals are put into the making of a cigarette, 51 of them are cancer causing carcinogens( stuff that causes cancer) most of the chemicals that go into cigarettes are poisonous and if someone would eat all of the chemicals that go into 1 pack of cigarettes they would die,then all the chemicals are put into its some of the ingredients include- carbon monoxide, car exhaust, tar, which is what are roads are made of, and Freon which damages the earths ozone layer so what makes you think it wont hurt you?

some of the ingrediants pictures

what some of these chemicals do to your body

nicotine is a very addictive chemical and deadly one drop in its pure form would kill a human, tar stays even after you smoke it and sit in your lungs and blackens them,