Thomas Jefferson is unfit

Thomas Jefferson shouldn't represent America and here's why.

Thomas Jefferson Back-Stabbed the President

While John Adams was in office with Thomas Jefferson as his vice president, Jefferson was constantly opposing John Adams views. He went behind the PRESIDENT's back and talked badly about him. Do you want an unfaithful vise president to become ,the face of this country, your president.
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Jefferson Does not understand the majority

Jefferson lived on a plantation. He owned slaves that worked the fields and provided the crop to produce his wealth. The majority of America lives in the northern states and work for their wealth. Northerners have nothing to relate with when it comes to Jefferson. Jefferson had sexual relations with an enslaved woman who was also his sister-in-law. Jefferson was involved in incestuous and premarital sex. That is not something northerners or even southerners should want representing America.
Thomas Jefferson's Role as Slave Owner Explored
Who would want a hypocrite as a national leader. Saying "all men are created equal" yet holding 600 enslaved persons.

Aaron Burr is the way to go

Aaron Burr wants to bring gender and race equality to the New world. Arron Burr wants to make it easy for the working middle class to own land so that they too can vote. Aaron burr is the right choice to strengthen this country and restore order. He is enlightened and did not own slaves to accumulate wealth from. Aaron Burr makes his own wealth from being a great attorney. Aaron Burr is the rightful leader and representative for this country!