Let's Celebrate!

End-of-Year First Year Teachers' Celebration

Final Beginning Teacher First Monday Support Session

Congratulations! The end of your first year as a teacher is quickly approaching. Research tells us that first year teachers experience a roller coaster of emotional phases ending with reflection and anticipation. Our final face-to-face session will provide an opportunity for you to do both. Come reflect on and share your experiences from the past year as well as your goals looking forward. It is time to celebrate your professional growth and hard work. All the details are provided below. Please make plans to attend. Hope to see you all!

End-of-Year Celebration for First Year Beginning Teachers

Monday, May 4th, 4-5pm

Teacher Resource Center, 800 N. Fairview Road, Rocky Mount, NC 27801


The session is scheduled from 4:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Recognizing that individual school schedules vary, please just arrive when you are able.