Soaring over MDE

End of Week 6

Thank you!

As we get to the 6th Friday of Virtual Learning, I want to make sure I say, "THANK YOU!" Most of you did not sign up to be the distance learning teaching assistant! However, you are doing a fantastic job!

While I know this is not ideal and it is not 'normal' school. My hope is that there is still learning going on. Our teachers are phenomenal and when we return to school, soon I hope, teachers will get students caught up.

Until we are back on campus, I would like to suggest you set parameters for "school-time" and "family-time." Currently, (I know in my house) the times are very blurred. Please make time for your family and for yourself.


School Site Council

Please take a moment and fill out our School Site Council Ballot.

Harry the Dirty Dog read by Betty White

iReady Diagnostic

With the end of the month drawing near we have extended the iReady diagnostic #1 access window. This weekend the window will be open both Saturday and Sunday from 8am-5pm. This extension will afford students the opportunity to complete their diagnostic without the demands of daily live instruction participation.

P.E. During Distance Learning

Getting active during distance learning is very important. Compiled here are some good links for getting your students moving.

Click the photo to get to the Google Slide Show for different activities.


9/19-1st Grade*****Connor

9/19-1st Grade*****Robert

9/19-TK- ***********Amelia

9/20-2nd Grade**** Gavin

9/20-1st Grade**** Joshua

9/20-1st Grade**** Arman

9/21-4th Grade****Elias

9/21-3rd Grade**** Zander

9/22-5th Grade**** Rhys

9/22-Kindergarten* Lucas


9/24-4th Grade**** Layla

9/24-4th Grade****Evan

9/24-4th Grade****Luciana

9/25-5th Grade****Ryan

9/25-2nd Grade***Laurel

9/26-5th Grade***Ava

9/27-4th Grade***Amethyst

9/27-3rd Grade***Aubree

9/27-3rd Grade***Ashlynn

9/27-1st Grade***Lauren

School Reopening Dashboard

There have been many questions regrading the timing of our school reopening and/or the plan to reopen. Schools can reopen for in-person instruction once their county has been in the Substantial (red) tier for at least two weeks. Schools must follow these State guidelines when they reopen or if they have to close again. School Reopening Dashboard

I have included the MDUSD website for the most up-to-date information for our district.