Judgements Walk Two Moons

Piero Pollino

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Summary of Novel

Sharon Creech's novel, Walk Two Moons, is About a 13-year-old girl named Sal. Sal is on a road trip with her grandparents to go to Lewiston Idaho to make it in time for her mom's birthday. While they are on their way to Lewiston, Sal tells a story about her time with Pheobe Winterbottom.

Thesis Statement

Throughout the novel, Walk Two Moons, Sharon Creech uses judgements for the reader to understand the characters point of view of people they hadn't walked two moons in their footsteps.

Judgement 1: Mrs.Cadaver

One of the judgements that comes up in Walk Two Moons is Pheobe's point of view of Mrs.Cadaver. One part that shows Pheobe's judgement is when Pheobe was Talking to Sal. "Do you know what it means... it means dead body" (Creech 23). Pheobe is explaining to Sal that her name means corpse so she must be bad. Another time was when they were looking in her front yard at her rhododendron bush. "Maybe there is something under that bush... Like Mr.Cadaver" (Creech 86). Pheobe tells Sal that she has her dead husband under the bush in her front yard. The truth is her name doesn't mean anything and her husband died in a car accident. This judgement on Mrs.Cadaver shows how wrong they are on just judging her. It is through judgements that the reader gains deeper understanding on the characters point of view.

Judgement 2 Mike Bickle

Another Judgement that pops up in the novel is on Mike Bickle. One part where a judgement was made was when Mike or the Lunatic knocked on Pheobe's door. The lunatic has bright pink cheeks and was asking for Phoebe's mom, Phoebe said no and the lunatic went away.( Creech 43-45). Phoebe assumed he was a lunatic because she thought he was a murderer. Sh shows her beliefs on the lunatic with Mike's dad. Phoebe told sergeant Bickle about the notes and the lunatic and Sal figured out that Mike is his son.( Creech 203). The truth is that Mike is sergeant Bickle's step son and Phoebe's mom is also Mike's mom. Sharon Creech uses this judgement to show what Phoebe thought of the stranger Mike, but she was wrong because she hadn't walked two moons in his footsteps.