Beauty DARE!

Bust out of your makeup RUT!

Let Alcone at Home help you break away from your predictable beauty look.

It's easy to let your look become predictable, thanks to the common misconception that beauty trends are for the twentysomething year olds. We'll they aren't! Take my beauty dare and experiment without fear: a simple color swap! Instead of sticking with the boring nudes, try using a vibrant coral on your lips. Or trade in your boring brown eyeshadows for modern metallics! The trick is to try just one subtle change to give you a whole new, fresh look for the season. Make your eyes pop with a gorgeous plum or emerald liner, for example, but leave your lips natural. Or, go for a dark lip color with a flawless complexion and a hint of mascara...(I am LOVING this combo lately, and our lip gloss is Joy is my go-to)! I encourage you to not only try out these combinations, but take a Selfie while you're at it so you can see what's flattering on you. Contact me today to help you with this beauty rut challenge. I'll have you looking and feeling fabulous for the holiday season.