Room 303 Update

September 29, 2016

Week Five

I will start this week's update with some reminders:

  • Tomorrow is picture day!!! You can pay online or send your child in with a form.
  • I am waiting on a few more Google app forms and Big Back Yard permission slips.

This week we started our new math unit on Multiplication and Division: Number Sentences and Algebra. The "I Can's" for the unit are as follows:

  • I attend to precision when I show my work using pictures, numbers and words.
  • I know multiplication facts and related division facts 12 x 12.
  • I can demonstrate an understanding of factors, multiples, primes and composites.
  • I can extend and analyze number and shape patterns to solve problems.
  • I can write a number sentence with a variable to represent a problem.

We are working out some kinks with Fastt Math, but we should be up and running by next week!

In science, students learned about fair tests. We will be running our own experiment next Tuesday to answer our scientific question, "What type of food do crayfish prefer?"

At Back to School Night, some of you were looking for resources to support reading at home. Our literacy specialist, Tom Grasso, shared with me Children's Choice Book Awards, ( a resource to help you get some ideas on what books may be appropriate for your 4th grader.

Spelling will hopefully be starting the third or fourth week of October. I will update you all the official starting date and more information about how spelling will be instructed as soon as possible.

If there are any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to share them with me.

Enjoy the long weekend!

Katie Osgood