Be Smart DONT START!!!

Smoking can cause a SLOW and PAINFUL death.

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Smoking can increase your risk of getting any kind of cancer:

Smoking causes the following cancers

-Acute myeloid Leukemia
-Cancer of the cervix
-cancer of the esophagus
-Cancer of the larynx (voice Box)
-Lung cancer
-Oral Cavity (mouth)
-Pharynx (throat)
-Stomach cancer
-Cancer of the uterus
-In Creased risk of Breast cancer

This can happen to you ...

The Harmful Effects of Smoking

Some scary statistics:

WAys of quiting

ways of quiting

  • the patch
  • Nicotinell (the gum)
  • Smoke RX
  • Nico Bust
  • E cigarettes
  • Or Just Stopping

Chemicals found in cigarettes:

There are over 4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke and at least 69 of those chemicals are known to cause cancer.

  • butane (lighter fluid)
  • methane (sewer gas)
  • ammonia (toilet cleaner)
  • acetic acid (vinegar)
  • paint
  • arsenic (poison)
Woman In Shock Anti-Smoking Ad Dies Of Cancer